Mittwoch, 19. Dezember 2012


Blah blah let's get started with average phrases what most of the people think 2012 was like:
2012 was a hell of a year!
Ehrmagerd it's nearly over!
Apocalype Thoughts!

Whatever it really was a good year for me.
I finally found something I actually want to do. Language School is so much fun. Maybe I'll even carry on this way and become a translator. Who cool's that huh.

I left some people behind this year. This is just when you drop out of school and suddenly you find yourself all alone without contacts. Who cares about the ones that don't care about you. So this is me closing the chapter!

BUT: I found lots of new friends
I met one of my best friends. Who is also my neighbor for a few years and we never met until March.
I found the best guys at school. We formed the best gang ever ha!

other highlights:
Still happy with my boyfriend - almost 3 years now!
My cousin married and got pregnant. I'm so excited!
I finally got to taste the joys of a burrito!
I accomplished my goal of reading more!
Went to a John Green reading, seriously this guy is a genius!

2012 in media


I got lazy about music this year, didn't explore very much new things.
There are some notable things, tough!

I loved: 

- The new Toby Goodshank album! (Can't wait to see him in January)
- Pretty much everything I listened to in 2011
- Got obsessed with Florence and the Machine
this song (although I just found it recently)


I loved

- Moonrise Kingdom
- Cloud Atlas
- Intouchables
- The Perks of being a Wallflower
- Mary and Max (is it from 2012? I don't know, but I saw it this year and I loved it!)


- The Hunger Games (I loved the book, but the movie...mhhh, wasn't bad tough)
- TED (oh god this was actually really bad)


- Breaking Bad - I finally started it this year. I'm half trough the second season. It's great, but it always leaves a weird feeling
- Doctor Who - loved it ever since last year, I'm so excited for the Christmas Special! This season wasn't that good though so far, let's see what the rest of the season will do
- How I Met Your Mother - I still love this series, yes it lost a little of its magic. No I don't think about abandoning it. Yes I am glad if this is the last season. Please don't lengthen it artificially....
- Big Bang Theory - BOOOORING. May abandon that show next year
- Gravity Falls - Best cartoon show ever! Forget about Adventure Time :D

and finally:


For my standards I read a hell lot of books this year. Last year I read around ten, this year I may finish with 70. 
Have a look at my goodreads if you're interested!

My following lists do not only contain books released in 2012 but books I read in 2012

Best Books

- John Green - The Fault In Our Stars
- John Green - Paper Towns
- John Green - Looking for Alaska (by that point I think you got that I'm a big John Green fan)
- Libba Bray - The Diviners
- Michelle Hodkin - The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer
- David Mitchell - Cloud Atlas

Worst Books

- Rebecca Martin - Und alle so yeah
- Heather Anastasiu - Glitch
- Paulo Coelho - The Alchimist
- Martina Brandl - Halbnackte Bauarbeiter

seriously...why did I even read some of these...


- Heather Anasasiu - Glitch: I waited so long for this book, and then it revealed itself as a boring, average, underdeveloped, weird, love-triangly dystopian novel. ugh
- The Hunger Games Sequels - I literally devoured those books, they were an obsession. But I only thought the first one was really good. The others were quite nice to read but couldn't follow up the first novel
- Cornelia Funke - Inkheart - Everybody kept telling me to read this book, it would be so good and every book lover would have to read this series. Well I liked it but found it a little annoying how books and their lovers were praised...yeah you like books, so what?!

soooo that was pretty much everything up until now. I believe I'm going to make a few adjustments the next few days, as the year isn't over yet and I can imagine that I'm going to discover some packed away treasuries from this year.

Let's hope 2013 will be as good as 2012. And no I didn't make any New Year's resolutions until now :)