Freitag, 11. Mai 2012

bluest of blues

As I said. I've got a part-time job now.
Therefore I need to get up early, really early...around 5 am...which is not really a problem but I need to go there by bike (takes me around half an hour to get there), and usually it's annyoing for me to have so much action that early (I'm not a sport type ...)
well but there are also nice moments when the weather is going to be amazing that day usually it's really foggy in the morning and/or, depending on the winds, you can see the Alps from where I live! :)

so it does have its advantages getting up that early <3

Sonntag, 6. Mai 2012

chirp chirp chirp

sorry for the lack of posts these days.
I just can't find the time and/or motivation to do some diy stuff at the moment.
By no later than next month (to be precise June 15th) I'll be taking part in an exhibition called "The Fabric", which means I will finally put some stuff on here. ;)

in other good news: I found a job, just a part-time one, but hey I'll get some more money!
And I've got a few things on my to-buy list when I get my first wage.
Thinking about buying a Kindle, definitely buying the 6th season of Doctor Who, and so on. (I will really have to pull myself together to not spend everything at once!)