Samstag, 28. April 2012

vacation time is good time

back! yes back, I am!

lots of things happened during the last few weeks. :)

stuff I did before vacation:

I was able to print all the shirts (photos will follow, they're still at the studio), a few still need to be dyed, but I also gave some of them to a shop in Dresden.
When all the shirts are finished I'll try to open an etsy and/or dawanda shop!
I also got some other things planned to complete a little collection. But no further infomation on that ;) spoilers!

stuff I did on vacation:

The weather decided to be shitty all three weeks I went to my boyfriend. Nonetheless we managed to still have a pretty good time.
We went to Dortmund one day, which is the next big city nearby. Unfortunately we went one day when there was still school holidays, so the city was super full and the day was very exhausting, but still nice.
I bought some stuff and we had Bubble Tea and went to a vegan restaurant where we had the yummiest burgers!
We also found a really nice comic shop where I bought "Polina" by Bastien Vives. I couldn't resit to already read it. I just love his ever changing but story fitting style of drawing!
Back home at his place we did that typical rainy weather stuff....we also went to the cinema to watch Hunger Games (third time for me, his first).
The good thing about small towns is: cinema is still cheap. <3
Well actually everything's cheaper compared to Munich. I especially noticed when we went to have some cocktails. So that night we paid less than half of what we would have in Munich....*sigh*
So...there's not much to tell about that time besides that the 3 weeks seemed like half a week in the end. time went to fast, damn that.

some photos:

stuff I did after vacation:

My boyfriend came to Munich with me for one weekend because there was this really big (Bavaria's biggest) fleamarket taking place, and we both didn't want to miss that.
So we were there for 5 and a half hours and still didn't see everything....and all I got was a bag full of books! surprise surprise!
I'ts nothing bad tough ;) and I'm happy because I got a Spanish dictionary (for a third of normal price), which I will need in September when language school's starting!


everything's back to normal. I'll start a job next week, nothing big. Just to save some money for a summer vacation. We'll maybe go to Berlin for a week and subsequent to that to my cousin's wedding.
Also I need to start preparing stuff for an exhibition coming up. so there's enough stuff to do now :) be prepared!