Sonntag, 25. März 2012

plans over plans

So at the moment there's really a lot going on over here.
(Wich is also the reason why I totally forgot to post last week's weekly review...oh well)

Anyways...I will pause this blog for about a month!

After overthrowing my plans like a thousand times I finally have found a way.
to be clear: I planned to visit my boyfriend as soon as possible and I hoped to already be there by now, but as it is...there is always something interfering. 
Nonetheless I luckily found a lift via car pool at 29th of March (yay). During my stay there I'll have no internet connection... so ... no blog posts! 

I will be coming back just in time for the big flea market on April 21st. 
Wouldn't want to miss out on that one! 

So before I'm going to pause for a month here's what happened the last few days:

1 - I started a workout plan a month ago, with slow but good success. Also when I reach my diet goal I decided to finally get a tattoo

2 - 

The Hungerrrrrr Games!!! Yes yes yes! I got to see it last Friday :) 
And I'll definitely watch it again.
I loved the books, and waiting for the movie was exhausting. Even more exhausting when I think about the release of the sequel Catching Fire, which will not be released until November 2013 ...

3 - The Book Update: 

 I read "Delirum" and "Pandemonium" by Lauren Oliver. I had some problems with the first book, and I can't even point out why...well it took me some time to read trough it (by my standards). But I was really happy with the second one. If I hadn't had so much stress the last days and needed to sleep some time I could have read it in one sitting. Also: Biiiig biiig cliffhanger! I hate that. No, I don't, but now one year waiting is on....

Then I read trough "Nine Stories" by Salinger...which was quite nice and a good read during the train rides.

And I also started "The Forest of Hands and Teeth" by Carrie Ryan... I'm only on the first 30 sites and I really need to get used to that style of writing. 

For the road trip next week I purchased "Mr. Vertigo" by Paul Auster, due to a friend's request. 

Aaaaand I pre-ordered "Insurgent" by Veronica Roth, which will be coming out on May 1st. Time needs to speed up, I cannot wait for this release!

4 - Made some summer plans! Very unsure yet but maybe it's gonna be a long weekend in London <3 Also there's a very cheap but nice festival end of August where I'll might go :)

5 - The Screenprinting Update:

I finnaly received the T-Shirts for printing! This week I got to coat and expose a screen and tomorrow I will start printing.
I hope I can finish everything until my trip on Thursday, so I can give some of the Shirts to a Shop opening!

This will be everything for now, so see you in a month with everything back to normal! <3

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