Mittwoch, 22. Februar 2012


so you remember those bags I painted and dip dyed?
I sold all but one, and they seemed quite popular, and also there were some people asking about making shirts with a similiar print.

sooo I got the chance to use a friend's screenprinting set and decided to print some shirts :) and yes, they will also be dip dyed to get the water effect!

Last week I worked on some sketches and also came up with the final print.

I liked the first sketches but then decided I need to draw a more close up version because otherwise the print will be kind of small,

so I made this one

 finished the line work in Photoshop, I wanted to keep it nice and simple

and I also made these to let you have a first glimpse of what the finished shirt will look like

there are still some things to be done, I need to decide on how many shirts I will print and which colours and so on.

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