Samstag, 4. Februar 2012

purple, gray, black - finished hoodie!

I finally finished my hoodie!
After, I guess, two weeks of back and forth and thinking about which buttons I should use/buy I decided for some I already had at home. I just didn't choose them in the first place because I thought they were too tiny. Turns out they're just fine. Also: who thought buttons would be that expensive? If I had to buy new ones they would have cost about 1,50 € each (!), and I needed 7 buttons...

Well, I'm really satisfied with the finished hoodie. There are still some mistakes but I like it :)
I made it with those really wide sleeves because it's my favourite shirt/hoodie pattern. It's really comfy to wear and suits me well I guess. Also it's easy to sew because you'll have only two parts to sew together and not attach sleeves.
Plus I of course added a button border and a hood.

The fabric is really comfy, also on the inside it is lined with a very soft layer. So it's perfect for those cold days, but you can also wear it as a summer jacket!

So here are the photos. click to enlarge~


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