Freitag, 17. Februar 2012

jeans refashion

A few weeks ago my mom gave me an old pair of her jeans, asking if I can make up something new or reuse it. I didn't know what to do with it so I laid it aside.
Last week I finally had the idea:

It was very wide so I at first made a skinny jeans out of it, which isn't that much sorcery. Just sew the legs thighter.
The jeans had a light beige colour (sorry no "before" photo, but colour chart below!), so I could have dyed it in any colour.
I actually wanted to dye it a bordeaux red, but then went for a dark pink dye, as you can see below.

Turns out I should have weighed the jeans fabric more carefully before dying. 
I then had a little too much fabric and too less colour, so the result was a washed out Magenta.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not mad about the result :) 

Only one thing botherd me...
During the dying phase, which takes about an hour, you have to turn the fabric several times. As I did, but there were still some spots where the fabric didn't take on the dye.
I didn't think that looked bad either, I just wanted it to be a little bit more symmetrical, because it only happened on one leg.

So I got some bleach and a spray bottle and this is the final result:

Tips for dying and bleaching:

- Always use rubber gloves, you don't want to have spots on your skin, and the bleach is corrosive!
- Also get a mouthpiece if you're sensitive
- Make sure to wash out all the colour or bleach carefully! 
- Machine wash the fabric afterwards (and here also a lot of colour will still wash out!)
- For dying: get a big metal or plastic bucket and a stick to stir it from time to time
- For bleaching: do it outside and grab a water tube or do it in the bath tub!

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