Dienstag, 31. Januar 2012

Peter Pan Collars - For Sale!

I plan to open up an Etsy/Dawanda shop, but I don't want to open it and just have two articles or so...so I finally got to sew some things, after weeks of back and forth what I could sew...
I made a cardigan, but the buttons are still missing (who thought buttons would be so expensive, huh...), and a black shirt with a wide turtle neck. I still need to take photos, guess I'll do that when I finally finished the cardigan.
And I'm planning to do some shirts and another batch of bags! But this time screenprinted~ we will see...

I also made some Peter Pan Collars! And I'm so proud of them, and they're for sale! :)

There are 3 different ones, and you can also flip them over, so they're wearable on both sides. The size is also adjustable.

Pricing: Each one will cost 10€ (plus postage)
If you want one just leave a comment :)

click photos to enlarge

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