Donnerstag, 12. Januar 2012

Allons-y !

I'm infected.
Infected with a massive Doctor Who fandom virus. 
Also I guess I strain everybody's nerves at the moment with my number one topic The Doctor! :D
I rushed trough all 6 seasons in only one month and an additional week. And I rewatched 4 and a half seasons with my boyfriend. 
So at the moment I'm in an ongoing circle of super-fandom! harrharr!

This could also be seen as a little warning because I guess I'll post some more Doctor Who related stuff.
(not only though... I finally started sewing again, so there will be a small tutorial in a few days yay!)

I'm not much of a merchandising person. Means: I wouldn't buy like tons of shirts or mugs or pens just because it says Doctor Who on it. 
But I found some pretty nice things I would love to own!

I love these minimalistic posters by Etsy seller ModernStylographer

there's a poster for almost every episode and it's really hard to choose which one's the best.
I liked these two very much. "The Eleventh Hour" was a wonderful and brilliant introduction to the 5th season. (I adore Amy!). 
And "Vincent And The Doctor" is one of my favourite episodes of all (besides "Blink")
These posters sell for around 13€ each. I need more space for posters in my room!

And if I had 250€ saved (which I actually have -haha ..cough- but I don't want to spend that much money...) I'd totally had bought this bag by Etsy seller LIMOchi, but it's already sold

Next (and last for now) I want a cupboard like this! please please please! for books! 

(only needs to be bigger on the inside like the real Tardis...because shame on me I just bought another book)

and psssst last point of order! I've got a big big earworm of the following video. I'm walking around the house singing this all day...the wooorst ;) 

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