Dienstag, 27. Dezember 2011

oh noes!

I did it again.

I bought some more books. (get me a support group!)

I finally purchased "1Q84" by Haruki Murakami.
English version, 16€, Hardcover and all three books in one seemed like a good deal!

I also bought "Super Sad True Love Story" by Gary Shteyngart. Actually the cover got me a few weeks ago (yes I often buy books if the cover suits my taste). Nevertheless I put it aside and yesterday when I was watching an end-of-the-year marathon of a german show called "Der Marker" with my boyfriend, there was a contribution about this book and the author was reading some lines from it. I liked it from the beginning! 

I'm very curious about both books but I still didn't finish "Skippy Dies" by Paul Murray and "Across the universe" by Beth Revis which I'm halfway trough and totally digging!
I also pre-confirmed the next part called "A million suns" on Amazon!

And for Christmas my boyfriend got me "Der Geschmack von Chlor" by Bastien Vives, which was the one graphic novel I still wanted to have! <3

P.S.: I also finished that job at the bookstore, which is kind of sad because I had some really nice colleagues, but also good because it was reaaally stressfull...
But I already got a buttload of money from tips! and the wage will be on my bank account in a few days as well!
I sold another two bags (yay), and I got money from my parents and aunt for Christmas.
So I can buy looooots of books....lots lots lots! (And the Doctor Who DVDs!)

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