Montag, 19. Dezember 2011

latest events

I've finally got two days of work off, so this is a small update what happened lately :)

5 days of work are yet to come. I also have to work on the 24th, which is not that bad because I'm staying at home anyway, and the shift will end at 2 pm.

I figured working at a bookstore is very dangerous for my wallet. (because of the staff dicsount....)
I bought some books for my parents as christmas presents, but I also got myself some graphic novels

I started with "Asterios Polyp" last night and I really had to keep myself from reading it straight through.
And I still want to buy "Der Geschmack von Chlor". 

Also some bad news, I didn't take any pictures at the Kafe Kunst Fest, but it was really worth it! I sold some bags, and the pompon cape! Which is why I could buy the books above <3
And there was another Sale over at a friend's studio on friday, which I couldn't attend because of work, but I sold another two bags. YAY

Yesterday morning I got to meet some friends at a vegan brunch, which was super yummy! and I also got my first christmas present a little early but I loooove it <3
and it toally fits my blog :D

Also I managed to decorate a little for Christmas.
My dad and I decided that we won't have a Christmas Tree this year (even if one of the neighbours could get us one...)
so I put some spruce and fir branches on my wall and hang some owlies and bows on them. The owly template can be found here

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