Mittwoch, 16. November 2011

page by page

so it happens that I started reading lots of books at once during the last few months and they're piling up next to my bed. 
still I can't stop buying more and more. Luckily I got some money for my birthday. What did I do with it? buy new books! 

I finally got myself a copy of "Blankets" by Craig Thompson , which I already read but since I also got "Habibi" a few weeks ago I wanted to complete the collection of big fast graphic novels!
I just love Craig Thompson's style of illustrating and it took me some time to read through "Habibi" because there were some pages I had to stare on for minutes before I could turn to the next.

Nevertheless my list of books I urgently want to read keeps on increasing ...
What I'll most likely buy next:
  • "Across the universe" by Beth Revis
  • The whole "Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy" series by Douglas Adams
  • "Black Hole" by Charles Burns (graphic novel)
  • "Der Geschmack von Chlor" by Bastien Vivès (graphic novel)


  1. so jealous about the hardcover version of blankets! btw. i wanted to do that, too...i mean, showing a picture of the pile of books i bought in the last 3 weeks. ;)