Samstag, 19. November 2011

ermergency plan

I'm always late with my projects. I can't manage to keep my schedule. But when working with others I really try. Nevertheless this time all my effort didn't mean anything because now my emergency plan becomes effective.

As I told you I'll be taking part in Kafe Kunst Fest on December 11th. So a friend of mine had everything prepared..bags and shirts...and they practically just needed to be sent to me to be printed and embroiderd.
But life doesn't play like you want to, and due to a fire everything burned or is useless now.

So luckily a few weeks ago I purchased some plain cotton bags, which gives me the opportunity to still have something to sell.
I'm glad that the whole project doesn't fall trough all in all...but I'm also very sorry for my friend who might not even come....which is understandable.

So there are ten bags waiting to be handprinted, dyed and embroidered. 

(Pictures will follow)

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